Bio Magnetic Bracelet

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Bio Magnetic Bracelet

Bracelet is often used as an accessory worn around the wrist. It comes in many forms such as metals, cloth, leather, plastic and other materials and it sometimes contains beads, shells, jewel, rocks or wood. Bracelet is also used as name tag in the hospitals for identification purposes.

What is famous about bracelets nowadays is the Bio Magnetic Bracelet. It is known for its contributions in promoting good health. There have been reports that it has benefits that many people where amazed of.  Many people got curious of how this bracelet works in the health management. Let me give you an idea of this amazing bracelet.

The theory of magnet revolves through the arteries and wrist and so this is the reason how magnets improves the circulatory system as well as the blood flow. It gives more nutrients in the blood that causes to improvehealth naturally.

The Bio-Magnetic Bracelet is made of Neodymium which derived from the earth that holds their charge indeterminately having no significance of losing its power. The magnets placed in the bracelets are combined with a titanium metal which is stronger than steel and is lighter by 45 percent. Because of its lightness, strength, extraordinary, corrosion resistance, and its ability to endure extreme temperature, Titanium metal has been used to create BIOMAGNETIC TITANIUM bracelets having a 100% pure Germanium metal conductor FIR (Far Infrared Rays) balls.

Effectiveness of Bio Magnetic Bracelet does not vary in its design, or sizes as it has the same effect because each bracelet has 2,500 to 10,000 gauss, a unit of measurement for magnetic field.

Using Bio Magnetic is very safe as the World Health Organization posed that there is no risk of using this however, people wearing pacemaker, insulin pump, defibrillator or any electro-magnetic device and pregnant women should also avoid using it.

Bio Magnetic bracelet has Far Infrared Rays that are part of spectrum that are invisible to our naked eye. Far Infrared Rays or much known as biogenetic rays has between 6 to 14 microns. Biogenetic has been proven to stimulate growth and health of living cell in plants, animals, most especially in human beings.

The effect Far Infrared Rays improves the oxygen level in our body and activates the water molecule in the body. It eliminates and warms the fat, toxins and chemicals from the blood andit makes the flow of blood run smoothly. It reduces the acidic level as it eliminates body waste. It has also properties of improving the nervous system.

Bio Magnetic Bracelet, the therapeutic bracelet is both health product and a fashion accessory. You may want to wear this because of the health benefits it can give and at the same time, you may wear it with a fashion sense because of its different styles and designs.

There are many kinds of Bio Magnetic Bracelet existing today.  They are Germanium Bracelet, Negative Ion Bracelet, Titanium Magnetic Bracelet and Tungsten Magnetic Bracelet.

Bio Magnetic Bracelet is another way of keeping our body healthy. You can wear it anytime, everywhere. With its great benefits, you stand out for its stylish appearance like any other expensive jewelry you bought in a jewelry store. It has two-in-one purpose, being healthy yet fashionable with a sense.